Unlike conventional surf schools, this isn’t about standing up. At Surf Simply we identify the many specific skills behind the sport and then break down the mechanisms, making surfing accessible to everyone. Our team of 8 ISA and ILSF qualified coaches are surf geeks who work with just 12 guests each week, replacing ambiguous surf lingo with clear, concise, systemized coaching. We don’t teach you how to surf. We teach you how to teach yourself how to surf, or surf better through a combination of video feedback, theory lessons, and in-water coaching.

Simply buy your plane ticket and we take care of everything else. We will pick you up from the airport and bring you to our resort here in Nosara. We will have already asked you about your surfing experience and goals and your preferences regarding every detail of your trip from massages, stretch classes and food, to extra activities like stand up paddle boarding, zip lining or horseback riding. After your stay we’ll give you all your photos, video footage and even a bespoke film about your week with us. You will leave filled with enthusiasm and a solid understanding of the sport, having received the most enjoyable surf coaching available, at one of the world’s safest, most picturesque and consistent surf spots.You can check our availability here and email us to book your stay.


SurfSimply has a 5 star Tripadvisor traveller rating and is also rated #1 for Speciality lodging in Nosara.

“I am not good with online reviews (excuse for long overdue post!) but wanted to make sure I rave about Surf Simply – especially my coach, Jordan! I’ve been surfing actively throughout covid but did not know how many bad habits I had accumulated and how much they were impeding my progress until working with Jordan! She was very observant and honest, but also very kind in delivering her assessment of my surfing. 🙂 She taught me a lot, but the best part about surfing with Jordan was how she got more excited about my waves than i did! Jordan always put safety first – and is very honest about etiquette 😉 – but made sure that I was in the right spot to practice whatever I was working on in a given session. She encouraged moving around the lineup so I could get in the priority position without indefinitely waiting for a wave to come to me or hoping someone would miss and knew exactly how much I should angle my board to get the most out of the wave. I still hear her advice and cheer in the water and know that I am having more fun now because of her. Thank you Surf Simply and Jordan! We will be back :)”

anna wrote a review Apr 2022

“Just book the trip! Whether you are an expert surfer or have never surfed before, or anything in between, you will absolutely not regret spending a week at the unique and fantastic Surf Simply. Every aspect of this experience is exellence! Just do it.”

John F wrote a review Apr 3

“If you want to elevate your surfing in an elevated environment, this is the place. Surf Simply thought of everything from the positive, supportive, and knowledgeable coaches right down to supplying a bottomless amount of sunscreen. (Seriously, you’re gonna need it.) To actually see video of yourself surfing in the theory sessions with your coach makes all the difference in the world. You’ll be humbled for sure, but also inspired and then armed with techniques and strategies to do better next time. My coach Teale was awesome at pointing out the little adjustments to make big progress. It was amazing to see what a difference it made from day to day. It is such a fun, immersive week where you get to meet a bunch of like-minded strangers who share your goal of becoming better surfers. And we all did. The staff was so lovely and friendly, the massages were well earned, the food was amazing, and the day off on Wednesday was perfectly planned. I really can’t say enough about this experience. I wish I had done it sooner so I’d be an even better surfer now. Surf Simply is, simply put, the best.”

Jay M wrote a review Jun 2022

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