The Tree Of Knowledge

Words by Ru Hill

We’re really proud to announce that we have finished the latest version of the Surf Simply ‘Tree Of Knowledge’ poster which you can download for free here.

Click here or on the image to check out a larger (but nowhere near full size) version of the Tree Of Knowledge poster. And let us know what you think…

“The tree of what?” We have made a visual flow chart of all the key surf skills from level 1 to 4. It allows beginners to clearly see a road map telling them which skills need to be mastered first, what they will lead on to and, most importantly, why. For more experienced surfers, the poster tells you what you should be aiming for next and what gaps in your knowledge might need to be revisited in order for you to progress. Experienced surfers tend to frequently have the same gaps in their skill set so the poster has been designed to emphasize what we have learned, are the most common errors.

As far as I know there is nothing like this available anywhere else and, knowing the work which has gone into it, I can see why. The graphic is the result of years of tweaking our methodology so that different skills are tackled in a different order with different motivations being emphasized to the students. The data gathered has lead to this latest version of the “Tree Of Knowlegde” poster which is all yours for free.

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