How We Coach Surfing

We think it’s time surf coaching grew up. We often hear experienced surfers say “I don’t need a surf lesson. I already surf.” We think this says a lot about the level of coaching people have come to expect. Surf schools have a reputation as having nothing to offer surfers beyond learning to stand up. Of course, there is a lot more fun to be had than that and the faster you improve, the more fun you have. Good coaching is important as you progress because so many technical aspects of surfing are very counter intuitive. So, why not expect as much from a professional surf coach as you would from a coach in other more main stream sport like golf or tennis? A surf coach should be a skilled teacher, an articulate communicator, not to mention an ocean safety expert.

What We Do

We take a logical, analytical approach which demystifies surfing allowing people of all ages and abilities to get into the sport. You will never hear us offering ambiguous advice like ‘feel the rhythm of the wave,’ instead we communicate specific body movements simply and concisely. Surfing can be broken down into specific skill sets which can be built on top of each other accelerating progress and building confidence.

surf lessons

You’re Going To Teach Me To Fish?

We go with the ‘teach a man to fish, rather than give him a fish’ approach. You’ll some fun waves during your stay with us but the point is that you leave knowing how to continue with your progression. In every lesson you’ll learn a specific skill but more importantly you’ll know why you are learning it. This means that a clear road map of drills and skills will unfold in front of you for you to continue progressing with.

Theory Lessons & Video Analysis

There are a lot of things which are much easier to communicate with a TV screen and a white board, rather than on the beach. So each day we have theory lessons covering every aspect of surfing including: swell forecasting; board design; etiquette and judging, not to mention the time we’ll spend in the pool working on paddle technique, duck diving , turtle rolling and board agility.

Video analysis is also a fantastic coaching tool. Video coaching enables us to show you exactly what you look like and what you need to do to. It brings in line what you think you are doing, with what you are actually doing. Level 3 and 4 surfing is almost all video analysis but we use the video camera at some point on surfers of all levels. At the end of your stay with will give you a flash drive with all your raw footage on too.