The Bay Calls The Day

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greg long surfing a big wave in the 2009 quiksilver in memory of eddie aikau contest at waimea bay

On Wednesday February 10th 2016 The Eddie will go. The Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau has run only eight other times in its 31-year history since the winter season of 1984/85, but swell forecasters are predicting open ocean swells exceeding 20 feet to produce waves with 40 foot faces breaking in Waimea Bay on… Read more »

Elemental Viewing

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Surf Check by Mat Arney

If you’re a surfer and, like me, you’re lucky enough to be currently living near the ocean,  then you spend inordinate amounts of time looking out to sea. After a few years of clocking up vast cumulative hours “checking the surf,” it’s the sort of pleasure that we just take for granted.  Whilst all of the non-surfers… Read more »

Surf Simply France

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We close down the Surf Simply Resort in Nosara for September and October each year, as they are pretty rainy months in Costa Rica. This left us with the irksome issue of having no outlet for our relentless surfcentric geekology. As so often happens in these situations, Kerianne and Harry came up with the solution… Read more »