Me, Myself and Surfing: Michael Kew

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Surfer in a backlit barrel at Rincon in California shot by Michael Kew

  Oregon-based writer, photographer and videographer Michael Kew is a surfer whose creative output has inspired so many other surfers to head off in search of empty waves.  Kew has travelled far and wide in his search for waves, from the frigid high latitudes to the more inaccessible islands of the tropics across every major… Read more »

Departure Gate: Barbados

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Bajan Surfer on the beach in Barbados

  Upon initial inspection, Barbados would appear to tick all of the boxes for an ideal surf-trip destination: a small island with waves on all coasts, consistent swell year round, at least one world class reef break, water warm enough to surf in boardshorts and palm trees on the beach. So, let’s go ahead and… Read more »

Departure Gate: Morocco

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Morocco Surf feature image Pete Chamberlain Down The Line Photography

  In the depths of winter, surfers who have the opportunity to chase waves often migrate to the lower latitudes of their respective hemispheres. In Europe, just like the swallows, travelling surfers head south through the later half of the year following the waning warmth until they eventually cross the Straits of Gibraltar to North… Read more »

The Future of the Secret Spot

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Secret Surf Spot

  The secret spot is dead, long live the secret spot! And so is achievable surf discovery, now that we’re on the subject. Wherever you find a rideable wave on the fringes of society you can bet your last money that it has been surfed before, either by some wandering Aussie in the 1970s or… Read more »