Departure Gate: Morocco

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Morocco Surf feature image Pete Chamberlain Down The Line Photography

  In the depths of winter, surfers who have the opportunity to chase waves often migrate to the lower latitudes of their respective hemispheres. In Europe, just like the swallows, travelling surfers head south through the later half of the year following the waning warmth until they eventually cross the Straits of Gibraltar to North… Read more »

The Future of the Secret Spot

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Secret Surf Spot

  The secret spot is dead, long live the secret spot! And so is achievable surf discovery, now that we’re on the subject. Wherever you find a rideable wave on the fringes of society you can bet your last money that it has been surfed before, either by some wandering Aussie in the 1970s or… Read more »

Departure Gate: The North Shore of Oahu

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Hawaii North Shore fins Surf Simply Feature Mat Arney

  It’s December, and for surfers the word December pretty much reads as “Hawaii”. It’s the time of year when the sand is washed off the beaches of the North Shore leaving the distinctive winter berms and exposing the reefs, and when storms in the North Pacific send regular swells southeast towards this isolated island… Read more »

Departure Gate: Fiji

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Cloudbreak Fiji by Mat Arney

Words and images by Mat Arney The transitional seasons of late autumn and early spring can sometimes make the process of selecting a surf vacation destination a difficult (although never unwelcome or unpleasant) decision; will you luck into the desired combo of solid, late wintery swells and warm, summery weather? The Fijian islands, sitting pretty… Read more »