Departure Gate: North West Puerto Rico

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large perfect waves at gas chambers on puerto rico with palm trees in foreground photographed by rachel tanner

What if we told you that at this time of year there’s a tropical island where you can surf world-class waves out front of palm-tree lined beaches, and that said island wasn’t Oahu? You could be forgiven for not believing us as news feeds across the surfing community were filled almost exclusively with doings on… Read more »

Departure Gate: Peniche

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a surfer getting barreled at supertubos in peniche

As the northern hemisphere moves towards winter, European surfers move south. By October and November the last bastion of solid swell and sunshine is the west coast of Portugal, with the town of Peniche (situated an hour north of the capitol Lisbon) proving the most attractive destination. Like an outstretched fist with its thumb raised… Read more »

Kamaka: 23° South by 134° West

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surfer paddling towards an empty tropical lefthand point break wave

1500km south east of Tahiti, and 6000km south west of the Americas, the Gambier Archipelago could definitely be mentioned in the Collins dictionary as a definition of “isolated”.  These islands are not a common surf destination; or even a common destination. With less than a thousand inhabitants the capital Mangareva receives most of its tourists… Read more »

Departure Gate: Arugam Bay

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surfers walking up the palm fringed beach at arugam bay in sri lanka

Often described as “a teardrop falling from the tip of India”, the tropical island of Sri Lanka has for centuries attracted travellers lured by stories of palm-fringed beaches, elephants, spices, and fascinating culture. Over the past fifty years growing numbers of surfers have also been drawn to the island thanks to its variety of friendly… Read more »

Departure Gate: J-Bay

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small waves breaking down the point at J-Bay in South Africa

It’s somewhere near the top of most surfers bucket list, whether you’re a regular or a goofy footer. In fact if you’re a regular footer then there’s a fair chance that it’s at the very top of your bucket list, and by quite a long way, because Jeffreys Bay (or J-Bay as it’s affectionately known)… Read more »