The Preservationists

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Vintage Surf Meet

by Mat Arney Yesterday (Tuesday Oct 21st, 2014) saw one of the most extensive private collections of vintage and collectable surfboards in the southern hemisphere go under the auctioneers hammer in Perth, Western Australia. The lot included over one hundred surfboards of historical significance, ranging from early hollow wooden paddleboards and balsa chips, through classic… Read more »

A Right Puffin Frenzy

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You may remember that last October we posted a blog, entitled Harry Squatter in The Photographer’s Zone. I thought it was a great pun but apparently I was alone. Pun quality aside, it was about how Harry, the head coach here at Surf Simply, had designed a short, flat, wide board for Black & White… Read more »

Pumpkin Seeds

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When it comes to surfboard design, we can get a little geeky here at Surf Simply. When I say a ‘little’ i mean that that it’s not unheard of for Harry’s 20 minute board design classes to a sneak up to the 2 hour mark with the right audience. We’re always looking for the best… Read more »

Harry Squatter in the Photographer’s Zone

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Surf Simply coach Harry Knight’s trademark stance has been popping up all over the web recently as Black & White Surfboards have just released two of his board designs as a signature model surfboard. Anyone who’s stayed with us will know that Harry’s obession with board design is infectious. So if you’ve caught the bug,… Read more »

Tom Wegener Takes an Innocent Approach

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You may know who Tom Wegener is from the surf movie Sprout. He’s more recently become well known in the world of surfing for reviving the traditional “Alaia” surfboards and was named shaper of the year by Surfing Magazine. These thin finless wooden boards are incredibly difficult to ride but can be a lot of… Read more »