Boxing Clever

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a lone surfer holding a replica 1920s cigar box wooden surfboard designed by tom blake, photographed on a vintage box brownie camera

Curiosity: It’s the proverbial cat-killer and progress trigger. The human urge to question just what’s possible and what it might feel like drives innovation and the continual development of our endeavors.  The vast majority of our achievements as a species can be traced back to the moment when an inquisitive individual asked themself “what if?”,… Read more »

Never Outnumbered, Always Outgunned

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Let’s face it, most of us are more likely to find ourselves stood in the car park as part of a crowd of surfers mumbling excuses about being undergunned on a truly massive day, than sat out on our own with sufficient foam at our disposal catching unforgettable waves. We’ll rarely be outnumbered, and occasionally… Read more »

Volume To Weight Ratios

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In episode 7 of the Surf Simply Podcast, the team spoke about the importance of understanding the volume of your surfboard, and it’s relationship to your size and weight. There have been quite a few people who’ve emailed asking for more details on this, so here’s a brief run-down of some of the things I was talking about…. Read more »

A Surfboard Made Of Wood: The James Otter Interview

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The Early Bird Otter Surfboards surf simply Feature Image

  We are big fans of TED here at Surf Simply; in a digital landscape saturated with informational and motivational videos, the TED talks (from their annual conference in Longbeach, California and now from their independently organised TEDx events) are consistently amongst the best out there. Their tagline “ideas worth spreading” applies to everything from… Read more »