These Are The Good Old Days

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The early morning surf is one of life’s most pleasing dichotomies. The wondering whether it’s all worth it when your alarm buzzes in the darkness seems ridiculous an hour later as you pull into a warm pacific barrel, with just you and your friends. This morning I met the other Surf Simply coaches, Harry, Kerianne,… Read more »

Costa Rica’s Most Hard Working Surf Photographer?

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Every week Surf Simply’s resident photog, Laura, spends hours down on the beach shooting video and stills of our guests. She then spends hours more locked away in front of the iMac lovingly molding it all together. Laura during a rare moment in the water rather than photographing it. I’ve tried to instill in her… Read more »

Magical Moments & Some Surf Simply Wallpapers

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At Surf Simply we focus on the technical aspects of surf coaching and we try not to bang on about the subjective side of the experience too much. Surfing does tend to cause overwhelming feelings of achievement, frustration, pride, fear or just a sense of gob smacking wonder at the beauty of the ocean but… Read more »

The World’s Best Classroom?

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Some things are a lot easier to explain with a white board and a TV, rather than when you’re down on the beach. So when we try to get across a foundational knowlegde etiqutte, meteorology, wave selection and contest judging among other things, we use our little jungle class room by the pool. (Above &… Read more »