Boxing Clever

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a lone surfer holding a replica 1920s cigar box wooden surfboard designed by tom blake, photographed on a vintage box brownie camera

Curiosity: It’s the proverbial cat-killer and progress trigger. The human urge to question just what’s possible and what it might feel like drives innovation and the continual development of our endeavors.  The vast majority of our achievements as a species can be traced back to the moment when an inquisitive individual asked themself “what if?”,… Read more »

Surf Simply Interviews: Joni Sternbach

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holding up a wet plate tin type image of two surfers

  In these digital times a culture is often defined by the imagery that portrays it, and the way that it is presented to the wider world. By and large, modern surfing imagery is action-oriented –  so what happens when an acclaimed photographer with no previous connection to surfing decides to document it in a… Read more »

The Riders of the North Canyon

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Nazare Big Wave Spectators Mat Arney

Words and images by Mat Arney. Everybody loves a good lighthouse. And, with the higher latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere having a massive meteorological sneezing fit over the past few days and sending significant swells southwards, one of big wave surfing’s newest poster boys is back in the spotlight. Nazaré seems to push its way… Read more »

Ladies Week and A Look Behind The Lens

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A little over half the guests at Surf Simply are girls, rather than guys, but last week by chance we ended up with an entire cast of solo female travelers joined by returning Surf Simply guest, Howard an orchestral conductor from the States. In this weeks movie the girls share their thoughts on their experience… Read more »

These Are The Good Old Days

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The early morning surf is one of life’s most pleasing dichotomies. The wondering whether it’s all worth it when your alarm buzzes in the darkness seems ridiculous an hour later as you pull into a warm pacific barrel, with just you and your friends. This morning I met the other Surf Simply coaches, Harry, Kerianne,… Read more »