The Harry Nite Comedy Invitational

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Harry, the head coach at Surf Simply, had his birthday last week which always calls for some type of enthusiastically comical beach based shennanigans. Even with an afternoon rain storm creeping in, all the Surf Simply team piled down to the beach with costumes, props and blow up sharks for the Harry Nite comedy invitational.

Fantasy Surfer

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So the world tour is about to kick off again in Australia, with the new formats properly established, an extra event added and some hot new talent on the scene, this could be one fantastic year of competitive surfing. On top of all that, the great thing about the contests these days, is that they’re… Read more »

Eddie Would Go But Will The Eddie Go?

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Someone once asked me if I’d ever heard of a famous Hawaiian surfer by the name of Eddie Woodgo. If that’s doesn’t make you crack a small smile then here’s a brief explanation of what this Eddie business is all about and why you may have to put everything on hold tomorrow to watch one… Read more »