I’m Dreaming Of A Pumping Christmas

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We didn’t know it was one of the all time great Surf Simply sessions when we paddled out on the morning of Friday, December 23rd. It was the last day for all our guests, many of whom had been complete beginners only 7 days earlier. Returning guest, Liz didn’t let a little thing like being… Read more »

The Art Of Learning

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After school I went to Art College in London and I remember seeing my fellow students split cleanly into two categories. There were those who spent their time hungrily learning every new skill they could and there were those who spent a lot of time arguing that art was a subjective experience and not about… Read more »

Surfing To A Target (A Level 3 Top Tip)

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Being able to set a tangible and achievable goal for yourself when you go out for a surf is a really productive thing to do. For level 3 surfers [?] it is often easy to fall into the trap of judging your surf by the length of your longest ride. This is a mistake for… Read more »

Surf Simply Goes To France For October

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After ten great months of coaching here in Nosara, we are getting ready to pack up the Surf Simply resort for the rainy season to do a bit of travelingā€¦. to the South of Franceā€¦. to check out the ASP World Tour! Wanna come? The Surf Simply team will be stationing themselves in Hossegor, France… Read more »

The Tree Of Knowledge

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We’re really proud to announce that we have finished the latest version of the Surf Simply ‘Tree Of Knowledge’ poster. Not only is there now a 12 foot high version of it up on the wall in our video analysis room but it’s also available to buy, as a 23″ X 35″ poster, at our… Read more »