A Family Affair

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Because surfing is one of those activities which bridges the generation gap, often we have couples in their fifties coming along with their kids in their late teens or early twenties. It’s always makes for a great atmosphere around the resort. The pelican’s do a fly as Rej waits for the next set with his… Read more »

Thoughts on Theory

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When we’re teaching surf forecasting, boarding design, judging or etiquette; it’s often better to be gathered around a huge tv screen rather than at the beach, and when we’re fine tuning paddle technique, turtle roles or duckdives; the pool makes a better classroom than the ocean. We call these lessons theory classes and we asked… Read more »

3 Ways To Hit The Lip

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This is really aimed at Level 4 surfers who have already mastered a bottom turn well enough that they are starting to be able to surf vertically up the wave. (We call this the 12 o’clock drill which means turning the board from 6 o’clock up to 12 o’clock). Of course once you get up… Read more »

I’m Dreaming Of A Pumping Christmas

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We didn’t know it was one of the all time great Surf Simply sessions when we paddled out on the morning of Friday, December 23rd. It was the last day for all our guests, many of whom had been complete beginners only 7 days earlier. Returning guest, Liz didn’t let a little thing like being… Read more »