Volume To Weight Ratios

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In episode 7 of the Surf Simply Podcast, the team spoke about the importance of understanding the volume of your surfboard, and it’s relationship to your size and weight. There have been quite a few people who’ve emailed asking for more details on this, so here’s a brief run-down of some of the things I was talking about…. Read more »

Is Fear Interrupting Your Surfing?

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We recently posted a picture with the caption: ‘What would you do if you weren’t afraid?’ This became a very relevant question to one of our students, Sam who came to stay at Surf Simply a couple of weeks ago. Sam was returning to us for the 4th time and starting to show some real… Read more »

Peer Review

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We’re big fans of science here at Surf Simply. This usually leads us to focusing on the insurmountable problem of controlling the variables when coaching but there are other aspects to our skeptical approach too. Looking at the plausibility of mechanisms and gathering data are key as is introducing the process of peer review. A… Read more »

Automation Through Repetition

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In an earlier blog, we spoke about Australian surfer Sally Fitzgibbons using a wave pool to give her the most consistent conditions to practice some new manoeuvres, we’re now going to turn the focus onto our own coach, Oli Davis and his mission to improve his surfing. It all started back in February, when some… Read more »