Surf Simply Shop Now Open

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We’re really stoked to be able to say that the Surf Simply online store is now open. Just in time for Christmas. Just go to and you can buy everything the discerning Surf Simply guest could possibly desire. Well perhaps not everything, but you can buy T-shirts, hoodies and hats as well as iPad… Read more »

October Yoga With Kerianne in Cali

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While all our instructors commit most of their year to teaching at Surf Simply, some of them continue to work on their own projects in their months off. When Kerianne isn’t teaching surf lessons and yoga for us, she’s developing her own business, Kerianne Kreger Yoga Expeditions, which includes Yoga classes, Workshops, Retreats and Yoga… Read more »

‘Power Balance’ – Science or Scam?

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During today’s 2010 RipCurl Search event there were a lot of adverts for ‘Power Balance’ products. This time legendary Hawaii surfer, Bruce Irons was endorsing the bracelets and so we thought that the incredible claims made by the company warranted some objective investigation. Carl Sagan once pointed out that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. For… Read more »