No More Neoprene Necessary: Patagonia’s 2016 Wetsuit Revolution

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Ramon Navarro in a relaxed pose at the bottom of a big wave, surfing in a patagonia wetsuit

As surfers, when we cast a critical eye over the environmental footprint of our passion and all of its accoutrements, we often rather conveniently miss out neoprene. Almost everything else has a more environmentally friendly alternative (despite the likelihood of a higher price tag), from where and how we travel, through the materials and construction… Read more »

A Surfboard Made Of Wood: The James Otter Interview

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The Early Bird Otter Surfboards surf simply Feature Image

  We are big fans of TED here at Surf Simply; in a digital landscape saturated with informational and motivational videos, the TED talks (from their annual conference in Longbeach, California and now from their independently organised TEDx events) are consistently amongst the best out there. Their tagline “ideas worth spreading” applies to everything from… Read more »

Wetsuit Care: Be Nice to Your Neoprene

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Wetsuit Care Mat Arney

  The fact of the matter is that unless you are fortunate enough to live and surf between the tropics, you will most likely wear a wetsuit to go surfing. And yet, despite it being as essential for so many people’s surfing experience as a surfboard itself, the wetsuit is rarely treated with the same… Read more »

Surf Simply Shop Now Open

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We’re really stoked to be able to say that the Surf Simply online store is now open. Just in time for Christmas. Just go to and you can buy everything the discerning Surf Simply guest could possibly desire. Well perhaps not everything, but you can buy T-shirts, hoodies and hats as well as iPad… Read more »