Friends For Life

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During their stay with us, people often ask “Does everyone get on with each other as well as we have this week?” Surprisingly the answer is yes. I guess the way the website is worded appeals to a certain kind of person. Our guests tend to be pretty smart and interested in stretching themselves a… Read more »

The November Sessions: Going Big

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We had some pretty solid swell last week. A few days of small surf at the start of the week meant that everyone had a chance to get their wave count up and practice some of the more technical stuff. Small wave are great because you don’t need to be too precious with them. You… Read more »

The New Season Begins

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After being closed for September and October, Surf Simply opened again on Nov 13th. With four new surf chalets and a new yoga / massage room, the resort is bigger and better than ever. Our favorite improvement is the new video coaching room. It has black out blinds and a projector, so that we can… Read more »

Hey, you’re ok, you’ll be fine, just breathe.

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The best thing about teaching surfing here in Nosara is the people who come to stay. Much as we obsess over surfing, we find ourselves in awe, on a weekly basis, of the things our guests have achieved out in the big wide world. The irony of simply being surf coaches yet being in the… Read more »