Harry Squatter in the Photographer’s Zone

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Surf Simply coach Harry Knight’s trademark stance has been popping up all over the web recently as Black & White Surfboards have just released two of his board designs as a signature model surfboard. Anyone who’s stayed with us will know that Harry’s obession with board design is infectious. So if you’ve caught the bug,… Read more »

The End of an Era

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We’ve come to the end of our first full season at the Surf Simply resort.For the next two months, as the rains fall hard in Nosara, the Surf Simply team have spread far and wide. We’ll all be back here in November though, ready for the sunshine and perfectly groomed off-shore waves which Playa Guiones… Read more »

A Honeymooners Perfect Team Surf Trip

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Last week was a beautiful week at the Surf Simply. Some great sessions were punctuated by heavy rain storms followed by the sun burning through the green steaming jungle. We were joined by surfing honeymooners, Rachel and Murray, all the way from the biting cold waves of Scotland. They both were charging with Braveheartesque enthusiasm… Read more »

A Willingness to Wipeout

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Sambo (above left) stepped up to the editing plate again this week to produce another classic Surf Simply movie. Ian, Camilla, Michelle, Andre (above right) and Zsolt stayed with us a few weeks ago and it was a blast. Michelle and Zsolt ended up staying for two weeks and Camilla is still here doing her… Read more »

3 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Surf Trip

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After over a decade of coaching and nearly 15,000 students I have never seen anyone surf like this during their first lesson out the back. It was an unbelievable performance from Abbie, one of the guests this week at the Surf Simply coaching resort in Nosara. If anyone in the world has ever surfed better… Read more »