Celebrating The Duke

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Duke Kahanamoku with his brother Sam Kahanamoku

Today, millions of people around the world will learn about the father of modern surfing thanks to Google’s doodle tribute to Duke Kahanamoku on what would have been the great man’s 125th birthday. Best known to the wider world as an Olympic gold medal swimmer and the “Ambassador of Aloha” (an official title decreed upon… Read more »

Me, Myself and Surfing: Liz Clark

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surfer liz clark holding her surfboard on the deck of her boat swell

  In early 2006 Captain Liz Clark (2001 NSSA College Women’s National Surfing Champion) left California aboard her 40-foot sailboat Swell and set off down the west coast of the Americas and across the Pacific in search of waves.  Liz has spent the last 9 years exploring the Pacific, searching for and surfing numerous incredible… Read more »

An Icon of Our TIMES: Gabriel Medina

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WSL world surfing champion gabriel medina competing in France

noun / [in-floo-uh ns] / The power to have an effect on people or things. Gabriel Medina possesses this power, according to TIME Magazine. Yesterday, TIME published their 2015 list of The 100 Most Influential People in the World and surfing’s World Champion has been featured in the Icons category, alongside such luminaries as Pope Francis the leader of the Catholic Church, Pakistani… Read more »

Me, Myself and Surfing: Oney Anwar

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One Anwar

Indonesia is the dream destination for many surfers around the world, so what’s it like growing up and learning to surf there?  Oney Anwar was born and raised in Lakai on the island of Sumbawa, and grew up surfing the incredible wave at Lakey Peak surrounded and encouraged by visiting surfers.  A talented surfer and… Read more »