Obituary: Brock Little

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brock little air dropping into a huge wave during the 1990 quiksilver in memory of eddie aikau, photographed by buzzy kerbox

Brock Little March 17th 1967 – February 18th 2016 Above:  Brock Little dropping into Waimea during the 1990 Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau, photographed by Buzzy Kerbox. As surfing matures, it is an unfortunate reality that the frequency with which obituaries must be written and published increases. Whilst the passing of our sport’s elder… Read more »

Me, Myself and Surfing: Dr Chad Nelsen

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surfrider ceo dr chad nelson in the barrel at a mexican pointbreak, photographed by tom carey

We all love the ocean. Some surfers love the ocean so much, in fact, that they make protecting it their life’s work. One such surfer is Dr. Chad Nelsen, the chief executive officer of Surfrider Foundation. Surfrider Foundation’s enormous grassroots network of chapters (85 in the US alone) has been working to protect the world’s… Read more »

Me, Myself and Surfing: Andrew Cotton

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big wave surfer andrew cotton walking back up the beach after a surf

British big wave surfer Andrew Cotton is a man on a mission:  to ride the biggest wave possible.  It is a quest that has dominated his life in recent years, and one that sees him living large parts of each European winter in Portugal so that he can surf the giant waves at Nazare every… Read more »

Me, Myself and Surfing: William Aliotti

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surfer william aliotti performing an alley-oop at supertubes in peniche, portugal. Photograph by Greg Martin.

French Caribbean surfer William Aliotti is fast making a name for himself thanks both to his consistent aerial performances and also his ability to perform in a broad range of waves, from Russian beachbreaks to Tahitian reefs and almost everything in between.  Surf Simply tracked William down in Hossegor this summer and put our set… Read more »