Me, Myself and Surfing: Rachael Tilly

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2016 womens world longboard surfing champion rachael tilly with american flag after winning the world title in china

Last December, at the age of just seventeen years old, Californian Rachael Tilley became surfing’s youngest ever World Title winner (across all categories) when she won the Women’s World Longboard Championships in Hainan, China. Still a High School Senior, Rachael has juggled her studies with her competitive surfing career and last year was also crowned… Read more »

High Praise for Babarian Days

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journalist and author william finnegan surfing a large wave at cloudbreak off the island of tavarua, fiji, in 2005

Few writers have ever really done the act of riding waves the justice that surfers believe it deserves; lifelong surfer and New Yorker staff writer William Finnegan is one of them though, and not only has the surf world applauded his 2015 memoirs Barbarian Days, but the literary world has too when on April 18th… Read more »

Surf Simply Interviews: Bruno Santos

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brazilian surfer bruno santos in the barrel shot using a go pro on the front of his surfboard

Bruno Santos is part of the new generation of Brazilian surfers that have been “spreading the storm” around the globe. As a tube-riding specialist, Bruno has chosen to focus on a different path and has managed to turn his passion for barrels into a successful career, eventually making an impression on the world of contests… Read more »

Gallery: John Witzig

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Legendary Australian surf photographer and journalist John Witzig claims that he “got lucky when his friends got famous”, however even just a cursory glance across some of the images that he has captured over the course of his career suggest that luck had only a minor part to play. A love and aptitude for both… Read more »

The Enigmatic Michael Peterson

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a spray painted stencil portrait of australian surfer michael peterson on the wall of a restaurant in burleigh heads, queensland

Australia as a nation is incredibly reliable when it comes to producing world-class competitive surfers; so far in 2016 they’re two for two on home shores, and they’ve a rich history when it comes to winners on the waves. Amongst their ranks of iconic and highly decorated surfers the story of the enigmatic Michael Peterson,… Read more »