The Future of the Secret Spot

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Secret Surf Spot

  The secret spot is dead, long live the secret spot! And so is achievable surf discovery, now that we’re on the subject. Wherever you find a rideable wave on the fringes of society you can bet your last money that it has been surfed before, either by some wandering Aussie in the 1970s or… Read more »

A Surfer’s Thanksgiving List

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1. Wipeouts One of antiquities most celebrated minds once coined the phrase “know thyself.” Although Socrates was evidently a prodigious mind surfer the facts surrounding whether he was partial to getting barreled remain muddy. What is clear is this: within the realm of human existence there are only a handful of spheres that facilitate true… Read more »

Your Comfort Zone Needs Stretching

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Words by Mat Arney & Images courtesy of Surfer Magazine,  A Rose Beyond The Thames & Stafford/SPL/Transworld Surf Your comfort zone has a lot to answer for.  How many times, for instance, has your alarm clock gone off in the dark of the early morning only for you to roll over and opt to remain in the warm… Read more »

The Best Surfer In The Water Is…

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There’s a old cliche which says that the best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun. It’s interesting that this summarizes two completely opposite points of view without moving so much as a comma. I don’t know who said it first but I’m pretty sure they were implying that the goal… Read more »