We Can’t Wait For The Rains

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June 2012, the south Pacific lights up during June, July & August giving us overhead waves almost everyday. As we approach the end of the dry season here in Nosara, everyone can’t wait for the rain to start. Although the surf has been all time, the jungle is dry and dusty and the wells are… Read more »

Gee, The New Year Sure Was Swell!

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We got the biggest swell we’ve had in months this week to chime in the new year. I think last Thursday morning was the most enjoyable surf lesson I have ever done. Some of our guests were new to surfing and blew me away by getting bombs like Evan (below) for whom this was only… Read more »

The World’s Best Classroom?

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Some things are a lot easier to explain with a white board and a TV, rather than when you’re down on the beach. So when we try to get across a foundational knowlegde etiqutte, meteorology, wave selection and contest judging among other things, we use our little jungle class room by the pool. (Above &… Read more »

Wild Things at the Surf Simply Resort

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One of the best things about living here is that Playa Guiones is a few houses surrounded by jungle rather than a few trees surrounded by buildings. So we get a lot of cool stuff sneaking around the place looking for food or just hanging out. Harry bought a guide to Costa Rica’s wildlife and… Read more »