Safeguarding The Dream

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A school of bait fish in the Chagos Archipelago marine protected area

The Chagos Archipelago Marine Protected Area Every surfer dreams of finding their own perfect wave breaking just off the coast of a deserted island – it’s a part of our collective unconscious. In 1973 Tony Hinde and Mark Scanlon proved it was possible (and set the bar real high) when they were shipwrecked in the… Read more »

Save The Sand, Save Mundaka

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a wave breaking at mundaka in spain

Mundaka. You can see it in your mind’s eye I’ll bet, as soon as you read the name; a perfect left drawing off the sand bar and throwing a flawless almond shaped barrel that reels and reels across the river mouth for hundreds of meters, with the picturesque harbor of Mundaka and the chapel of… Read more »

Reading the Wind

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Morning surf fanned by offshore winds in western australia

  Good surf is the result of a number of contributing factors all aligning in the right way at the right time. One of those key factors is the wind – not only does it generate the waves themselves many miles offshore but it also has a marked impact upon their quality when they break,… Read more »

The Gold Coast’s Gold

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Surfing Gold Coast point break

  The Sand at Snapper Rocks. At the end of this month the 2015 WSL Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour kicks off, as it has done in so many years past in its previous incarnations, on the Gold Coast.  Every year the eyes of the surfing world focus squarely on the points of Coolangatta at the… Read more »

The Gray Zone

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Shark silhouette U.S. fish and wildlife service

  On December 29th 2014 the death of young spearfisherman Jay Muscat from injuries caused by a shark attack close to Albany on Western Australia’s South Western coast took the state’s statistics to ten in ten. Over the past decade ten people have lost their lives in Western Australia as a direct result of a… Read more »