The Gray Zone

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Shark silhouette U.S. fish and wildlife service

  On December 29th 2014 the death of young spearfisherman Jay Muscat from injuries caused by a shark attack close to Albany on Western Australia’s South Western coast took the state’s statistics to ten in ten. Over the past decade ten people have lost their lives in Western Australia as a direct result of a… Read more »

Surfing Has A Plastic Elephant In The Room

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Beach Clean Plastic Pollution Mat Arney

Words and Images by Mat Arney As the northern hemisphere moves further into winter and the southern half prepares itself for the joys of high summer, the one thing that doesn’t change with the weather is the issue of marine plastic pollution in our oceans. It’s an inescapable problem; one that coastal councils in developed… Read more »

We Can’t Wait For The Rains

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June 2012, the south Pacific lights up during June, July & August giving us overhead waves almost everyday. As we approach the end of the dry season here in Nosara, everyone can’t wait for the rain to start. Although the surf has been all time, the jungle is dry and dusty and the wells are… Read more »

There’s More To Costa Rica Than Surfing?

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So apparently some people go on vacation and do things other than surf. Personally I visited a few of the world’s wonders and I do find them amazing, sometimes for as long as an hour or two, but then in my opinion, it’s nice to get in the ocean. As a result of this slightly… Read more »

Wild Things at the Surf Simply Resort

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One of the best things about living here is that Playa Guiones is a few houses surrounded by jungle rather than a few trees surrounded by buildings. So we get a lot of cool stuff sneaking around the place looking for food or just hanging out. Harry bought a guide to Costa Rica’s wildlife and… Read more »