Below are our 2017 prices. For 2018 prices click here

All prices are all inclusive, so your only other costs will be your airline ticket, flip flops and a pair of boardshorts or bikini. For more details about everything that makes up the Surf Simply package, you can go to our What’s Included page. We typically fill up 6-8 months in advance throughout the year but you can check our availability here. You can also contact us to find out about booking the entire resort privately for you and your friends. All the prices are in USD.


Solo Traveler’s Price Options

  • $3640 one week / $7280 two weeks. A private room, in a shared, two bedroom, one bathroom bungalow, meaning that you will have your own private room, with another guest or couple, in the bungalow’s other bedroom.
  • $7280 one week / $14,560 two weeks. A private bungalow all to yourself.

Couples Prices

  • $7280 one week / $14,560 two weeks. As a couple you will have a private bungalow all to yourselves.

Friends, Groups & Families Prices

  • $3640 per person for one week / $7280 per person two weeks. The Surf Simply resort comprises of two bedroom bungalows. Each person in your group will have their own private room (which means that each pair of people will have their own private, two bedroom bungalow).

Non-Surfers’ Optionsnon-surfers-nosara

We also have two non surfing spots open each week for travelling companions. Our coaching program keeps those who are surfing pretty busy (more about that here) but there are a few hours everyday to hang out together. We’ll make sure that non-surfers have a wonderful vacation enjoying the resort, beach, jungle, the yoga classes, massages and the other tours and activities on offer, as well as the delicious food both at the resort and at the restaurants that we take you to. There are two price options for non surfers…

The luxury non surfer package…

$3640 one week / $7280 two weeks. You will have your own private bungalow to share with your surfing companion. You will have all your transfers and meals included as well as daily yoga classes and a full body massage. Also included is your choice of tour or activity each day. Read more about extra activities and tours here…

The economy non surfer package…

$1760 one week / $3160 two weeks. You will be sharing a room with your surfing companion, in one of our two bedroom, one bathroom bungalows. So there will be another guest in the bungalow’s other room. Your transfers and meals are all included, as are daily yoga classes. We can fix up any extra activities that you’d like to do (more about those here) but you’ll need to pay for them pro rata.